The True Story of Fletcher Christian

Imagine having an entire island all to your own.

Ahhhh, that seems like paradise.  Okay, now imagine being a British naval officer hiding out on this island because of a mutiny you stirred up while traveling on the high seas of the South Pacific.  You’d think that the story of Mutiny on the Bounty is completely fictionalized, but it’s not.

Fletcher Christian was a naval officer aboard the HMS Bounty in 1787.   He and many of the crew did not get along with the commanding officer, William Bligh, who was known as being one of the stricter captains of the day.  After many disagreements, Christian finally had enough and in an impulsive move, threw Bligh and some of the sailors into a lifeboat, and pushed them out into the ocean to fight for their lives.  Then, Fletcher took the HMS Bounty to Pitcairn Island where he, a few other British sailors, and some of their Tahitian wives, lived out their final days.

Nowadays, the small, isolated and lush island of Pitcairn is populated by many of Fletcher’s offspring who still carry his last name, Christian, and are always excited to greet visitors and reminisce about their founding father.

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