Hurricane Sandy Takes Down HMS Bounty

I can hardly believe the HMS Bounty has sunk, again!  But, this time at the whim of Hurricane Sandy and not the hands of Fletcher Christian.  The loss of life is devastating. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Claudene Christian and Captain Robin Walbridge.

The story of the HMS Bounty has been well told through Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall in their classic novel Mutiny on the Bounty and has always fascinated me.  It even inspired me to write my own novel, Polly of Pitcairn Island, the story of a teenage descendant of Fletcher Christian who desperately wants to escape the island which she and generations of the Christian family have lived.  Polly possesses all of Fletcher’s qualities like his strong need to see justice prevail, but also his impulsivity and a fiery temper.

There is something mysterious and intriguing about the Bounty.  I’ll never forget the classic scene in the 1962 version of the film adaptation starring Marlon Brando in which hundreds of breadfruit trees were tossed out its back window as Captain Bligh and his followers were cast off in a rowboat.

The ship appeared again in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” starring Johnny Depp, but could never match its initial impression on audiences, bringing the adventure and story of the Bounty to life.

If you are interested in helping the families who lost loved ones there is a relief fund set up.  According to the ship’s Facebook page, “A RELIEF FUND has beenestablished by past crew members for donations to the families of Claudene Christian and Captain Robin Walbridge, along with the 14 surviving members of the crew, who lost everything in the tragic loss of the HMS Bounty.”

It is my most sincere hope that the HMS Bounty be rebuilt again and that the story and exciting adventure of the Christian family continue to be told.

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