Release Day for BROKEN WORLDS

My short story, “The Ill-Fated Power of Ham” is currently available for purchase!  It’s included in the anthology, Broken Worlds, along with many other short stories, all centered around the theme of destroyed and dysfunctional worlds.  My story is about a teenage girl, Roxy Darling, whose family is on the brink of total collapse after her father has a baby with another woman.  It’s currently available in e-book, and paperback in the coming weeks.  Thanks, A Murder of Storytellers, for including me in this wonderful collection.  Here’s a brief synopsis of the anthology:


We are never alone, not truly. We exist within systems; families, societies, governments, countries, continents; all within a singular planet in a singular solar system in a singular galaxy in a singular universe. And none of these are perfect. Many are broken, some beyond repair. Some could become broken over time. Others need to be destroyed to be improved. This book is about broken worlds, from families to a multiverse, where things are not what they seem or seem to be what they are: utterly broken from the top down and vice versa.

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