March Madness is Here

It’s certainly a stressful time.

As Coronavirus is forcing us to move indoors and/or isolation, it can begin to feel overwhelming and depressing, but there’s so much that can be done to stay positive. In fact, staying positive is crucial to getting through however long the current worldwide crisis lasts.

I know the value of escape. Disappearing into a great book is oftentimes just as therapeutic as a hot bath, exercise, or rest. It’s during this time that you can finally read that novel you’ve always wanted to or find a new one in a genre you enjoy.

Below is a link to the March Madness list, available until April 1st. If you’re a fan of Horror, Thriller, and Crime Books like I am, you should check it out. Find something to take your mind off things for a while. Take a deep breath, relax, … enjoy!



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