*Coming Soon – New Release – The Haunting of Whitehall Manor by L.V. Pires

From bestselling horror author L.V. Pires comes a Gothic suspense story that tells the terrifying tale of Anne Towry’s return to her childhood home, Whitehall Manor.

Thirty-three-year-old Anne Towry is a woman who knows little about herself and even less about her family. Sent away from Whitehall Manor when she was only ten years old, Anne struggles to make sense of her life. When she receives an urgent phone call from a Dr. Cornish informing her that her mother, Seraphine, has gone missing, Anne returns to her childhood home in an attempt to figure out what went wrong.

Arriving at Whitehall Manor changes everything for Anne. The longer she stays, the more immersed she becomes in the haunting beauty of the Marigold Garden. When she finds Seraphine’s journal she is shocked as page after page reveals bone-chilling confessions including a retelling of the night her family was changed forever. Unraveling the truth comes with a price when the true terror of a decade’s old family secret threatens to pull Anne deeper into the horror of the Towry family curse.

**Coming soon to Amazon.


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