Goodbye Summer, Hello Horror

It could be said that the year 2020 was horrific enough, so why add to it with more terrifying tales? Through story we often find our truth. We find a place to put our anxieties, a place to bury our fears in words, images, and craft. It’s not just about the decapitated head bouncing down the stairs or the eerie chill you get when walking into a haunted house. It’s about the art of creating literary terror and the beauty of finding what is truly scaring us.


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March Madness is Here

It’s certainly a stressful time.

As Coronavirus is forcing us to move indoors and/or isolation, it can begin to feel overwhelming and depressing, but there’s so much that can be done to stay positive. In fact, staying positive is crucial to getting through however long the current worldwide crisis lasts.

I know the value of escape. Disappearing into a great book is oftentimes just as therapeutic as a hot bath, exercise, or rest. It’s during this time that you can finally read that novel you’ve always wanted to or find a new one in a genre you enjoy.

Below is a link to the March Madness list, available until April 1st. If you’re a fan of Horror, Thriller, and Crime Books like I am, you should check it out. Find something to take your mind off things for a while. Take a deep breath, relax, … enjoy!



Death Watch – Book 3

Book 3 of The Waiting Mortuary series is almost here. Here’s a quick glimpse of what’s to come: 

It’s been a long time since Jack Skilton wrote an article for The Westport Press, but when rumors of a sinister presence lurking inside the waiting mortuary begin to spread, he’s sent to Kessler’s Funeral Home to investigate a possible haunting and what he discovers will definitely make front-page news if only he can live long enough to write about it. Find out what happens in Book 3 of The Waiting Mortuary series by L.V. Pires.

Releases March 27th – Click below to preorder now. 


Death Watch pic

VIGIL BLACK – New Release

I’m excited to announce my latest release, VIGIL BLACK, now available on Amazon. It’s been over a year since I published my last novel, THE WAITING MORTUARY, and this new book, which is Book 2 in the series, took so much time to write/plot. Plus, you know, life happens!

But the timing couldn’t be better since February is Women in Horror Month, showcasing the underrepresented work of women in the horror industry, so pick up a copy of something frightening this month or in time for Valentine’s Day.

Hey, why not? Nothing says LOVE like a good scare in the dark. Vigil Black


Welcome to The Waiting Mortuary

For seventeen-year-old, Sebastian Trawler (Bash) the summer is supposed to mean parties, sleep, and hitting the beach with friends, but when his parents start to suspect he’s been lying about working at a local restaurant, he decides to take a real job that requires the least amount of effort. He finds it when he’s hired to work for an eccentric mortician who believes the corpses are moving at night.

Watching dead bodies is supposed to be easy but as Sebastian finds out there’s no such thing.

Horror and mystery meet in this gruesome tale by L.V. Pires.

Available on Amazon – August 10, 2018

Waiting Mortuary - High Resolution copy